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Coding is one of the highest art forms achieved by mankind; an idea - just an electrical impulse - is made real in an alternate electronic universe; the created idea however, does not have physical form, and yet can change the physical world; it cannot be touched, and yet may touch all mankind.

Laws and Legislation

Above all laws is the Constitution.

Laws that may be relevant to you or your course. These are not in any particular order.

Can't find what you want? Go to the government website at www.irlgov.ie or straight to the legislation section. (Use this to confirm that the laws listed above have not been amended in any form)

Can't understand legal mumbo-jumbo?

The letter of the law governs us all. But most of us have difficulty facing into the Acts of the Oireachtas (the Dáil) to know our entitlements. There are some very good sites and services that make it all a lot simpler:

The Clonmel Borough Council (Town Hall) website.

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